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Sinergija Challenge 2019

In addition to the impeccable organization, Sinergija 2019 also provided a challenge that was not easy at all. It was necessary to determine the exact value of used cars and propose a solution to automate the process of transferring ownership of them.

Team building 2019

We automatically tested the gastronomic specialties of Tara, constantly doing push and pull requests of quality drinks and agilely producing good mood, while the guitar gave rhythm required for quality production.

IEquality Comparer

IEqualityComparer is interface which defines methods for object comparation. IEqualityComparer can be used for comparation of Dictionary Collections. Equals is methid which compares 2 object values. If they are equal it will return true, else it will return false.


The development of internet infrastructure has led to a significant increase in the flow amounts of data, and Internet speed.


File upload is standard functionality supported by HTML standard since 1995. Although this control is serving its purpose very well…