Mazda Automotive Europe optimized their logistics network using advanced Data Science, reducing annual costs by 20% and saving millions of euros through strategically positioned warehouses and the innovative Network Optimum app.

The MODX Meetup in Belgrade was a fantastic day, inspiring excitement for future Angular and MODX integration possibilities, showcasing innovation and collaboration.

How Custom Reports helped optimize the production process, reduce the consumption of materials, and most importantly increase the security level for National Oil Refinery employees.

AVS Solutions has been recognized as an Industry Game-Changer on Clutch, committed to helping businesses transform and reach their goals.

Playwright Framework, an open-source tool developed by Microsoft, is an excellent tool for automating end-to-end testing of web applications. Give Playwright a try following our handy tips.

Internal Team training in AVS is a professional development activity offering continuous learning, participatory learning, connections creating, brainstorming, and problem-solving for all participants.

AVS Solutions has been awarded the following Leader awards for 2023: Top IT Services Company, Top Software Developers & Top Angular Developers

The business fades into the background as we focus on helping the team come together and have a good time, during AVS Team building 2022.