AVS Solutions has been recognized as an Industry Game-Changer on Clutch, committed to helping businesses transform and reach their goals.

AVS Solutions has been awarded the following Leader awards for 2023: Top IT Services Company, Top Software Developers & Top Angular Developers

Another success story! The task may not have been too technically demanding, but it still took every effort to present Serbia at its best. After all, the Government of the Republic of Serbia is not a client every day. Still, the recipe is the same and well known to everyone:

  • A lot of planning
  • Plenty of experience in technology selection
  • Passion
  • A pinch of adjustment

And the result is…


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Small businesses benefit their local communities in several ways. For one, they help instill an identity by adding unique and diverse characteristics to a community. Two, small businesses promote and cultivate innovation.

Another big way that small businesses help their local markets is by encouraging healthy competition that invigorates the economy. This is also accompanied by how small businesses provide and create jobs for their local communities.

The list goes on! Small businesses make a big impact and help in many ways that often go unseen. That’s why at this time now more than ever, it’s vital that economic players of all sizes support and encourage small businesses.

And that’s why our leadership team here at AVS Solutions would like to take this special opportunity to highlight our continuous appreciation for our team members! We value all of their hard work and the devotion they have toward helping us achieve our goals.

For ten years now, our highly skilled team of creative programmers and engineers have perceived our clients’ needs and transformed them into successes. Their extensive experience and expertise allow them to act in multiple directions and models of cooperation.

Our team members are grounded by our company’s three core values of satisfaction, productivity, and commitment. We’re truly a successful team that beats with one heart.

Our employees serve domestic and foreign clients and have completed a notable number of projects. In fact, in a recent project, we provided frontend development efforts for a property evaluation company.

In this ongoing engagement, we work on a variety of Angular development solutions and projects. Recently, the ICT director of the property evaluation company took the time to leave us some feedback about our work.

They said, “The team delivers really high-quality products for an acceptable price on an acceptable timeline.” They continued, “They’re really open and honest in the discussions they have with us, especially in terms of timing. Once everything is decided upon, they deliver exactly when they say they will.”

We’re grateful to receive reviews such as this one because they help us recognize our employees’ contributions! Our presence on The Manifest, a platform that helps clients connect with top firms, allows us to increase our online visibility as a small business.

The leadership team at AVS Solutions is thrilled to celebrate the successes of our team members. We could not achieve the high-quality solutions we build without our incredible employees. Please join us in giving them a big “Хвала вам!”

If you’d like to discuss your next project with us, be sure to drop us a line!

Once upon a time, more than 10 years ago, we stepped into the magical world of information technology. Working on complex projects, we are mastering new technologies and adapting to the turbulent world around us. It may sound a bit like a fairytale, but the journey into the uncharted territories of the IT world certainly is. Today we come to the random forest, neural networks, and machine learning. That’s why we decided to compete in the Sinergija 2019 public arena hosted by Microsoft. We accepted the challenge of trying to introduce ourselves to an audience made up of eminent experts and managers from the Serbian business world.

In addition to the impeccable organization, Sinergija 2019 also provided a challenge that was not easy at all. It was necessary to determine the exact value of used cars and propose a solution to automate the process of transferring ownership of them.

Our solution is not only intended for participants in the process of importing and evaluation of vehicles for customs and taxation purposes, but for all citizens of Serbia as a public service. It allows estimation at any point in the lifespan of a vehicle.

How did we achieve this?

Thanks to Microsoft Azure Services. We take data from relevant sources, both domestic and foreign, and store it in Datawarehouse, after which the brain of our solution enters the scene – our Machine learning model in Azure ML Service. Our model considers not only market trends but also the legally prescribed method of writing off the value of vehicles. By serious mathematics, we get high accuracy classes and generalizations, resistance to market deviations, while the trend is considered. It’s like creating a catalog for the value of vehicles on a daily basis.
The rest of the architecture is tasked with responding to leaps in demand, to keep things running smoothly.
We were able to achieve all that was required:

• Simplicity
• Flexibility
• Transparency
• Availability

but also to leave the door open for Customs, Tax Administration and Ministry of Internal Affairs, to join forces in automating the whole process.

The expert jury recognized our effort and awarded our idea with First Place. Of course, our success did not go unnoticed and now a lot of people know about the wonderful transformation that is happening in our small code factory. After all, we are AVS Solutions and our long-standing motto is “Bringing life to ideas”. It is up to us to continue to learn, to grow, to develop, and, of course, to do our best to make our idea live and make life easier for all citizens of Serbia.