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Oil Refinery Serbia – Gazprom Njeft, one of Southeast Europe’s largest vertically integrated energy systems, specializes in oil and natural gas research, production, and processing. Their regional expansion in the Balkans encompasses both exploration and production (Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and retail network development (Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania). Despite the successful implementation of a new system by Yokogawa and Soteica in 2016, a crucial element was missing: efficient, comprehensive reporting.

Towards the end of 2016, the National Oil Refinery of Serbia faced significant data latency and insufficient data accuracy due to inadequate reporting capabilities. Existing reports took days to generate, reducing efficiency and hampering real-time decision-making.


Our primary objective was to enable the refinery to generate custom reports quickly and efficiently. Given the complexity of their Mass Balance system, which processes thousands of data points per minute from hundreds of measuring instruments, AVS team decided to develop a Data Warehouse. This solution would offer the necessary flexibility, speed, and control.

In June 2017, after extensive stakeholder meetings, we commenced the development of the Data Warehouse. This enterprise system consolidated data from multiple sources, facilitating ad hoc analysis and custom reporting. We ensured data collection, cleaning, classification, and storage were meticulously managed.

Technical Insight

We built an Angular application serving as a reporting portal, backed by a Web API. High availability was achieved through a database read replica and redundant file storage for reports. Data marts were chosen for focused data analysis, enhanced quality, and customized reporting, ensuring scalability and cost efficiency.

Business Value and Benefits

This solution provided the refinery with a powerful tool for comprehensive production process monitoring. Custom reports enabled faster, more detailed insights, allowing management to optimize processes, reduce material consumption, and enhance employee safety. Today, these reports continue to be a critical asset, with ongoing maintenance and upgrades ensuring sustained value.

Even Giants sometimes need a little help that means a lot – Custom Reports Case Study

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