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Exploring the Boundless Potential of Angular and MODX Integration

Have you ever wondered if there are any limitations to using Angular as a front-end framework and what it can be connected with? From our experience, it seems there are none. A prime example is connecting MODX and Angular. For those unfamiliar with MODX, it is an open-source content management system and web application framework for publishing content on the web.

This April, AVS had the opportunity to attend and actively participate in the First MODX Meetup in Belgrade, not only as guests but also as contributors. We were approached a few months before the meetup by Sterc and Siniša Vrhovac to discuss a potential collaboration. AVS enthusiastically supported the meetup organization and explored the possible connection between Angular and MODX.

As part of our contributions, our colleague Miomir Dančević delivered an insightful lecture on using RESTful APIs to integrate Angular with MODX. This lecture highlighted the powerful combination of Angular’s robust functionality and MODX’s flexible content management capabilities. By leveraging RESTful APIs, we demonstrated how these two technologies can work together seamlessly, enabling the use of the same data across different platforms and allowing external collaborators to make data changes effortlessly.

The meetup was an excellent opportunity to showcase the potential of integrating modern front-end frameworks with flexible content management systems like MODX. It not only highlighted the technical possibilities but also fostered collaboration and knowledge-sharing among the MODX community.

Besides AVS, following talks were delivered on the Meetup:

How to build your client base with standardised MODX websites and webshops

First talk, by Gerhard de Vries from Heibel, on building client base with standardized MODX websites and webshops. Gerhard shared how Heibel built their client base with standardized MODX products, enabling over 400 small and medium-sized businesses to afford beautiful websites and webshops.

MODX on steroids… 15 webshops in just 6 months

The second talk, by Dmitry Redkin, explained how DiHouse built 15 web shops in under a year with just two developers by outsourcing front-end work and using a standardized backend structure, enabling rapid deployment and integration with CRM, ERP, and various payment and shipping methods.

Connecting Worlds: Unleashing the Power of MODX with Angular through RESTful APIs

Talk number three, by Miomir Dančević demonstrated how integrating Angular with MODX can significantly enhance the CMS’s capabilities. Angular, being a comprehensive framework, provides much more functionality compared to libraries like React, Vue, and jQuery. By combining Angular with MODX, you can use the same data across different platforms and enable external collaborators to make data changes. This integration makes MODX much more flexible and powerful, offering a seamless experience for developers and users alike.

New type of Modern MODX extras

Talk number four, given by Vasily Naumkin Pixmill, highlighted the benefits of installing MODX Extras with Composer to avoid conflicts and ensure smooth functioning of dependencies within MODX Extras.

20 websites within one MODX installation!

Steffan Blockx from culd. discussed managing multiple products and regions within a single MODX installation, showcasing how their client manages 20 different regions’ websites, each with unique and shared content.

MODX Nomads – How to work and wander globally!

And finally, Gauke Pieter Sietzema from Sterc wrapped up the meetup with Sterc’s experience in remote collaboration, explaining how their platform connects MODX developers with projects globally, emphasizing that remote work can be efficient and productive.

All in all it was a great event and day at the MODX Meetup in Belgrade. We are excited about the future of Angular and MODX integration and look forward to exploring more innovative solutions. Our experience at the First MODX Meetup in Belgrade was a testament to the limitless possibilities that arise when combining powerful technologies and collaborative efforts.

A big thank you to our friends from Sterc for the organization and invitation, hope to see you all soon. If you would like to watch the entire meetup, you can do that too.