AVS Solutions has been awarded the following Leader awards for 2023: Top IT Services Company, Top Software Developers & Top Angular Developers

The business fades into the background as we focus on helping the team come together and have a good time, during AVS Team building 2022.

Protractor Automated testing is an end-to-end behaviour-driven tool that plays an important role in the testing of AngularJS. Learn why you must keep your promises.

Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) for clean, scalable & easy to extend code. Single Responsibility in Angular with examples.

AVS tool for analyzing code improves the readability and maintainability of the code, as well as reduces the number of bugs

AVS Solutions business year retrospective – Year behind and the year ahead, analysis, observations and plans for 2022

Handling changes during sprint or iteration the right way, to evolve with the client into a compact team

Data Science Conference Europe 2021 was held from 21-25th November. It was not only a great week for Belgrade and Serbia but also a significant event for the Data Science community worldwide. The following figures speak in favour of that. There were over 150 speakers, 7.500 participants from 130 countries, 19 tracks, and 22 partners that contributed to the realization of this event.

Mercury Livestream - Data Science Conference Europe 21

As many times before the conference lived up to the highest expectations. It was packed with numerous talks, tech tutorials, panels, discussions, networking and connecting. Because of the current pandemic situation, DSC Europe 21 was a hybrid event. AVS Solutions took part in the realisation of both aspects live and online. We heated the atmosphere with the Mercury Livestream photo contest at our promo booth where many visitors took part. Stay tuned as the complete story about the contest is coming soon.

Mercury Livestream - Data Science Conference Europe 21
Mercury Livestream - Data Science Conference Europe 21

Mercury Livestream in action

While having a great time at the live part of the conference, we used our platform Mercury Livestream for a very important task. AVS Solutions helped organizers provide conference live broadcasts via the Mercury Livestream platform. Although Mercury specialises in such types of events, technical support and fine-tuning are always there for the best performance result.

Mercury Livestream - Data Science Conference Europe 21

We can’t wait for next November to continue changing the world through data. See you all next year!

We are proud of taking part in this event by architecting the live-stream platform and providing technical support to participants, partners, and organization teams.

We automatically tested the gastronomic specialties of Tara, constantly doing push and pull requests of quality drinks and agilely producing good mood, while the guitar gave rhythm required for quality production.