Go agile!!!

At the end of May, AVS Solutions organized a team building event for its employees. As we nurture a highly professional relationship with clients and on projects, while spending a lot of time in front of various screens and monitors, we decided to get to know each other in a more natural environment.

We all needed a small change of place and Tara proved to be the ideal destination for that.

We automatically tested the gastronomic specialties of Tara, constantly doing push and pull requests of quality drinks and agilely producing good mood, while the guitar gave rhythm required for quality production. When this methodology is properly applied, project success is guaranteed, and the Scrum Master is satisfied. 😊

A fantastic sunny day and the emerald green Drina lured us to indulge in its charms. The team spirit was put to the kayak exam this time. Best of all, we were all winners, some best at rowing and some at enjoying the bliss.

We recharged our batteries with fond memories and unforgettable moments, so we are now ready for the true application of the Agile methodology.