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Travel to Japan through the Eyes of a Programmer

Japan is a land of contrasts that captivates with its blend of tradition and technology. As a programmer, I had the opportunity to travel to Japan, a fascinating country and experience a unique adventure that combined my love for technology and exploration. During my journey, I had the chance to explore the capital city of Tokyo, feel the spirit of the historical Kyoto city, and delve into Japanese culture and customs.

The adventure in Japan began with a tiring flight with layovers, but the excitement grew as we approached this distant destination. The first encounter with Japan’s capital was at the airport, where we could already glimpse what awaited us in this country. The transfer by train to our accommodation was thrilling, providing us with the first glance of modern architecture, wide boulevards, and the bustling atmosphere of this megacity.

Exploring Tokyo’s Past and Majestic Imperial Palace

Our first day started with a visit to the Imperial Palace or the former Edo Castle, where the imperial family still resides today. A walk through the Imperial Gardens offered us peace and serenity. Located just a few minutes walk from Ginza, Tokyo’s beloved shopping district. Ginza sets apart by modern architecture and a fast-paced lifestyle. The harmony between traditional and modern is something you can often witness in Tokyo.

Tsukiji market

After Ginza, we decided to visit the Tsukiji market, the largest fish auction market in the world. The variety of fish we saw there was beyond our imagination. Tsukiji market is also known for its street food, with numerous vendors preparing a wide array of dishes mainly made from fish and seafood, which you can taste. The bravest among us tried many things 🙂

Senso-ji Temple Place of Spiritual Healing

The next stop was Asakusa, one of the ancient parts of the city. A walk along Nakamise Street leads to Senso-ji Temple, where we encountered our first Buddhist temple in Japan and learned about the temple’s customs and practices. The size of the temple and the abundance of intricate details left few unaffected. We ended the day by going to the banks of the Sumida River, offering a spectacular view of the river and the SkyTree, the tallest building in the capital.