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AVS Solutions – The year behind and the year ahead

This is a special period of the year. After the celebration of many national and religious holidays and enjoying a lot of food and drinks, it’s time to do a retrospective. From a business perspective, it is beneficial to analyze the past year and make plans for the one ahead.

Despite the pandemic and the global economic crisis, AVS Solutions’ business in 2021 has been steady. We kept all our clients, gained new clients, managed to develop a new commercial product and expand our team. In a nutshell, this is the story of our year.

In cooperation with our Belgium partner, we finished a complex solution for determining and projecting real estate value. The core of the software is a machine learning algorithm. It was really challenging to connect all parts and requirements and turn them into an eye-catching, fully functional solution. Now, the largest banks and insurance companies in Belgium utilize this software.

Mercury livestream application development

Mercury Livestream is a platform that helps overcome the restrictions and prohibitions created by the pandemic. It is a web-oriented solution for organizing any type of virtual event. We worked diligently to make a solution that meets most of our potential clients’ requests. In addition, we researched the competition, talked to potential users and partners and added the bits that we ourselves would like to use in such an application. But the real feedback was acquired from the “battlefield”. We were supporting 4 conferences last year (Zagreb, Vienna, Cleveland and Belgrade) and after each of them, we had some additional fine-tuning. At the Data Science Conference held in November in Belgrade, we actually took part, using the opportunity to promote AVS Solutions and Mercury Livestream.

Application Development - Belgrade conference
Application Development - DSC Conference


AVS Solution wants to stay on the right track and keep pace in the never-ending IT race. To be able to do that, we often attend conferences, lectures, and training. But we are giving lectures too. In cooperation with Semos Education, we held a whole Angular 12 advanced course for many Frontend developers.

After the celebration, it is the right time to continue good business moves and plan for next year. It is not difficult to make plans, but it is to realize them. 😊

Application development 2022

For a start, the plan is to deepen the collaboration with our business partners. There are already preliminary agreements regarding new projects and functionalities on existing ones. Of course, we are always open to meeting new partners. And this is possible if we can achieve quality and honest relationships.

Mercury application development v2.0

Furthermore, we plan to release Mercury Livestream v2.0. It will be a new version with many advanced features that should make using the application easier and even more useful. We can’t wait for our users’ feedback who should be part of many conferences we plan to have in the future.


Last but not the least, we plan to put an extra effort into HR procedures, especially in people Career development. Since we want all our team members to stay with us for a long time, we try to give them everything they need – interesting projects, quality equipment, good business/life balance and professional development. Because of that AVS Solutions encourages all employees to go in that direction and improve themselves even more than before. In that area, we plan to achieve our main KPI – Keep People Inspired.

Of course, there are a few plans or at least wishes that require preparation in secret. So, stay tuned, it will be another turbulent year filled with interesting stories.