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Time for the team to come together and have a good time

After a while, we decided to publish a slightly different post. It is not that we care less about technologies. We simply took a break and closed the code factory briefly.

It was a perfect time to develop team member connections, apply soft skills, and launch a good atmosphere. I’m sure you guessed that it was a time for team building.

This time we decided not to go parachute jumping, kayaking, rafting, or any similar extreme and physically demanding sports. All of us were in the mood for one slow day, so it was. A mix of nature, history, and gastronomy promised a good-filled day.

Nature park Zasavica

Nature Park Zasavica welcomed us with open arms and a big smile. During the boat trip, we learnt many interesting facts about the wide range of species inhabiting the park. We couldn’t be sure of the quality of the smoked pork, so we were forced to manually test the products of Mangulica (a special kind of pig). The result of the AVS Team building test – PASSED!

TB Zasavica1
TB Zasavica 2
AVS Team Building Zasavica entire team

Palatium Imperiale

A visit to the Imperial palace “Palatium Imperiale” in Sremska Mitrovica was short but effective. Bit of history. One of Europe’s oldest towns (settled since 5000 BC), Sremska Mitrovica was once Sirmium – one of the Roman Empire’s four capitals and, at its peak, one of the largest cities in the world. You can visit what remains of old Rome here: excavated mosaic floors, rooms, baths, and ancient heating systems are on display, along with a fascinating scale model of Sirmium.

AVS Team Building Sirmium1
TB Sirmium model
TB Imperium palace

A change in scenery

After instructive historical overview, wine distillery Deurić provided us with knowledge about wine production too. Of course, delicious wine testing was mandatory. A day full of manual tests ends with a fantastic feast on the balcony with a magnificent viewpoint.

TB Deuric celar
TB Deuric selection
AVS Team Building Deuric3

AVS Team building 2022 takeaway

After so much testing, we should entertain the development. As we have recharged our batteries, we are starting the code factory again, so you can expect new texts about technological problems and how we deal with them soon. Stay tuned!