Internet marketing

Internet marketing presents series of operations on internet that can help you find visitors for your web site, create needs for yours products or services and use and encash those needs. AVS SOLUTIONS is full service internet marketing & internet consulting agency which provides all services for your internet marketing activity. That includes devising your campaign, designing your campaign, development of a web site, promotion and optimization.

Web hosting

Domain is your web site name (address). Your web site name is on every header, on every calling card and because of that it's necessary to be memorable and associated with firm name. There are many options for domain choice and registration and we will help you to do that on the fastest and optimal way. We do a lot more than just host your website:
  • Server Vitalization – Guaranteed performance of your site
  • Fail over – Running your site on a second sever if the first server fails
  • Daily backups – Your site will be backed up daily. Backups are are kept for 7 days in case of major issue or virus attack we can restore it back
  • Security updates–- The server is scanned daily for viruses
  • Web application


    Througout our perennial work with many satisfied clients, we can offer you full service for design production starting from logo, calling card, cover memo, flyer, poster, up to banner production, web site production, user interface and overall connectivity with infallible social networks.

    Ten years of experience guarantee the quality of the work in the whole process of internet business. AVS Solutions offers a complete service of graphic solutions and consulting, through the development and optimization of web sites, to domain name registration and hosting. For every wish, we have a solution, a motto that guides us is:

    • HTML presentations
    • WordPress and Drupal applications
    • CMS applications
    • Custom web applications
    Quality is your right, not a privilege
    CMS (Content Management System) is a system for independent update and web site servicing. CMS allows data management, either single part of data, as well as entire data content. One of the best features of CMS is that the moderator gets, without knowledge of HTML coding, full control to insert new or delete/edit existing content. Also, CMS allows easy compiling content and placing new content online. If you have a need for custom application development our team will provide unique and optimal solution in the shortest term.