Network Optimum

March 1, 2016
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Network Optimum


SolForLog, a Belgium based company that provides logistics services, for years been a strategic partner of AVS Solutions. The cooperation of the two companies developed an applications called Network Optimum. This application is used in the optimization of logistic routes. The question of the number, size and location of facilities in a company's distribution system is a rather complex issue. A variety of elements make up the distribution mix, and it is necessary to take into account all of these when considering the question of a proper network structure. The complexity of sourcing and location decisions is handled by Network Optimums sophisticated mathematical model which establishes the optimum flows and the optimum number of DCs to serve a system in order to improve the distribution network and efficiency. It is composed of a number of different methods and techniques which if applied result in multiple logistic improvements. The quality of this concept is reflected in the introduction of a large number of parameters, such as the position of the warehouse, the position of objects, classification of objects and vehicles, weather conditioning ... Also, significant attention was paid to making the most out of warehouses and the degree of utilization of vehicles.

As a result of all these parameters and techniques to get lower total logistics costs, reducing time and optimized logistics routes.

Optimum network of distributors is for companies that want to improve their operations and the application of this concept to achieve a significant competitive value in the market.

  • Mazda,Japan
  • Biedronka,Poland
  • Beokolp,Serbia