AVS Solutions develops applications via .NET platform. We possess extensive experience in developing Web and Windows business solutions. This experience has been gained working on projects for the Western European market through outsourcing, as well as numerous number of solutions which we develop and market ourselves. In the past few years, our team has implemented a number of applications in the field of business solutions related to the insurance companies, and also provided customer support and maintenance for the aforementioned applications. These applications are developed to the highest quality standards, which is affirmed through the eight-year collaboration with our partners.

We have developed a modern and advanced E-commerce solution AVStore, that can be used both as a B2C and B2B system. It is intended as a general solution in the area of trade on the Internet and it provides customization system for each user individually both visually and functionally. Find out more

Through Optimum Network application we tackle some of the most difficult problems in NP hard problems such as the multiple traveling salesman. Our algorithm successfully and efficiently performs routing of vehicles of different capacities including the time limit of goods delivery.

The team is composed of experienced programmers and analysts which can respond to the requirements of the most complex software solutions and development using the latest tools and techniques (HTML5 , C # 4.5, SQL Server 2012 , jQuery, Knockout , etc.).
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